IVVは1952年イタリア トスカーナ州サン・ジョヴァンニ・ヴァルダルノのガラス職人たちによって設立されました。IVVブランドは長年材料、デザイン、伝統的な工芸技術の改良によって良質な製品を送り続けています。




IVV was founded in 1952 by the glass craftsmen of San Giovanni Valdarno, Tuscany, Italy.

The IVV brand has been sending high-quality products for many years by improving materials, design and traditional craft techniques.

Products range from kitchen supplies including plates to interior such as flower bases. Following the passion of craftsmen, the IVV brand has become one of the manufacturers representing blown glass, handmade glass product brands.

It is loved by glassware enthusiasts around the world, world class first class hotels and restaurants. Products crimping beautiful colors and nights offer new style glassware to the dining table.